Home Best Server Rack for Your HomeLab? Sysracks Enclosed Rack!

Best Server Rack for Your HomeLab? Sysracks Enclosed Rack!

Best Server Rack for Your HomeLab? Sysracks Enclosed Rack!

I’ve been on a quest looking for a new server rack for my HomeLab in my home. I’ve outgrown my current 18u open frame rack and decided to give a 32u Sysracks Enclosed Rack a try! Join me as we put together this server rack, test out all of the features, and I’ll let you know my thoughts about this brand new server rack!

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A HUGE thank you to Sysracks for sending me this rack!

Check out their selection of racks at https://sysracks.com

A HUGE thank you to Micro Center for sponsoring this video!

New Customer Exclusive – Free 256GB SSD In-Store: https://micro.center/yi0

Check out Micro Center’s Custom PC Builder: https://micro.center/3dq

Submit your build to Micro Center’s Build Showcase: https://micro.center/lsn

Shop Micro Center’s Black Friday Deals: https://micro.center/rgu

📦 See a collection of Sysracks racks here: https://kit.co/TechnoTim/sysracks-server-racks


00:00 - Why get a new Server Rack?

01:14 - Sysracks 32u Server & Features

02:22 - Micro Center (Sponsor)

03:35 - Assembling the Rack

07:38 - Exploring the Rack Features

09:39 - Checking Out the Temperature Control Unit

11:04 - My Thoughts About the Sysracks Server Rack

13:42 - Stream Highlight - “The grow room isn’t big enough for 2 racks!”

⚙️ See all the hardware I recommend at https://l.technotim.live/gear

🚀 Don’t forget to check out the 🚀Launchpad repo with all of the quick start source files

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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