I'll never run out of power! - Eaton and Tripp Lite UPS

Today I look at 2 (or 3 depending on how you count them) UPS systems from Tripp Lite and Eaton.These UPS devices couldn’t be any different but they are awesome nonetheless.Each has it’s own unique capabilities and features.Which on will you choose when looking for your next UPS? Join me as we walk through and review these type UPS systems and rack them in my new rack!

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Huge THANK YOU to Eaton / Tripp Lite for sending these UPS systems.If you’re looking for a new UPS for home or work, you should totally check them out!

Tripp Lite


Check out a variety of UPS Systems

Tripp Lite


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00:00 - What should I protect with my UPS?

02:16 - Tripp Lite SmartPro UPS Review and Specs

03:24 - Tripp Lite 36v Battery Pack Review and Specs

04:29 - Tripp Lite SmartPro UPS Configuration

05:23 - Eaton 5P 1550 UPS Review and Specs

07:43 - Eaton 5P 1550 UPS Configuration

08:47 - Rack mounting the UPSes

10:53 - My Thoughts and Monitoring and Alerting Solutions

13:01 - Stream Highlight - “Testing in Production”

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