Essential HomeLab Tools & Accessories - Network / Server / PC Tool Kit

Every Home Labber and IT person has their go to set of tools and accessories to help them accomplish tasks for technical projects in their HomeLab.This ranges from the very specialized, to the common.I do all kinds of projects at home, from building and racking servers, to building mini and full-size PCs, to upgrading and troubleshooting hardware, to home office upgrades, to installing wireless access points and cameras, down to building raspberry pi projects.I’ve gathered up some of my most essential tools and accessories to assist you in your projects!

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Here are all of the items that were in the video, plus a few more.

📦 See the entire kit here:

Cage nuts

Network cables

Label Maker

Laser grip thermometer

Short Power cords

12 outlet surge protector

Fluke voltage tester

Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

SSD Mounting bracket


Zip ties

Hard drive screws

USB Drive


Craftsman quick change screw driver

DeWalt utility knife

Cable crimper

Punchdown tool

Dremel kit

Head lamp


Cat 6 ends

Cable tester Klein

Cable toner

⚙️ See all the hardware I recommend at

🚀 Don’t forget to check out the 🚀Launchpad repo with all of the quick start source files

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