45 HomeLab HL15 and more at the Creator Summit

I took a trip with 3 other Tech YouTubers to 45 Drives Headquarters to see the new 45 HomeLab HL15 and other devices during their first ever Creator Summit to discuss storage! We take a look at lots of Storinators, the HL15 HomeLab, all flash Stornados, and even the Storinator Jr.!

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If you’re looking for details on the Creator Summit, you can read all about it in a previous post!

Thank you so much to 45Drives for paying for this trip to the Creator Summit!

Thank you to Jeff Geerling, Wendell, Jeff from Craft Computing, Tom Lawrence, Alan Nagl, and Dave Dickerson for teaching me so much during this trip!

Where to Buy

Pre-sales for the 45HomeLab here:

You can check out the 45HomeLab here:

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